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Posted by Bothell Roofing on February 09, 2012
Winter work for the Greater Seattle roofing area and the Greater East side roofing area can be done safely in the winter if the roofing contractor uses proper judgment on when he can or can not safely work. During the tear off phase of the job (if you have the option of whether or not to tear off the old roof) choosing what days to work are critical. You can not be caught in the middle of a tear off in a rain storm or water damage to your home is a real possibility. Tear offs can only be done safely on days when it does not rain or has only on and off light rain. A experienced roofing company can determine when they can or can not tear off safely. If they have any doubt the experienced roofing firm will error on the side of caution. Once the old roof is removed and properly dried in to protect the building from the elements, the actual application of the new roof (except membrane roofs) can be safely done in most any weather condition except snow and high winds. Thus the major disadvantage of winter roofing is that adhering to any completion schedule is weather dependent unlike summer roofing. There is one major advantage of winter roofing, you will almost always get a lower bid in the winter (less busy season) then the summer (busiest season). Simple supply and demand controls if bids are higher or lower. If getting the job done in the fewest number of days is the most important to you, roof in the summer. If a lower bid is the most important, consider roofing from Dec. thru April.
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