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Posted by Bothell Roofing on February 09, 2012

Most all governmental jurisdictions in the Greater Seattle roofing area and the Greater Eastside roofing areas require a tear off if the existing building has 2 or more roofs (layers) to meet code requirements. So if you have multiple layers on your home it is almost a certainty that the old roofs must be removed. If you have 1 roof (layer) then you usually have the option of tearing off the old roof. The pro in favor of not tearing off the old roof is that on average, you can save about a quarter of the bid cost by not tearing off the old roof. Also in emergency roofing situations you are not as weather dependent on getting the roof completed. The major down side of not removing the old roof is the quality of the job and the life expectancy of the completed roof. There are many reasons for a shorter life of a roof if it is applied over an existing roof. We would be happy to explain further why if you wish to contact us. A complete listing of the reasons would take up far to many words. Suffice to say, if budgetary concerns dictate your choice, and you have only 1 roof, consider roofing on top of the existing roof. If you are after the longest lived roof with the fewest possibilities of problems and longest life expectancy , tear off the old roof.

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