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Posted by Bothell Roofing on February 13, 2012
A common question we are often asked is can we install a new roof in Seattle or the East side in the winter. The answer is yes but judgment must be used as to when to start the job. Most roofing jobs begin with removing the old roofing. This part of the job can not be done safely if there is a steady rain or there is a significant threat of steady or hard rains. It however does not rain hard every day. Thus the experienced roofing company will pick days where there is minimal chance of rain to do the tear off. If the roofer you hire simply "goes for it" to meet a schedule or because they need to get a job done and billed, you may expect trouble. After the old roof is removed and your home is 'dried in' the job may be safely completed in any weather except snow or very high winds. There is generally a significant benefit to Seattle area roofing in the winter in that the bids are generally lower due to supply and demand. More people want to roof in the summer then the winter thus bids tend to go up in the summer and fall and go down in the winter.
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