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Posted by Bothell Roofing on July 11, 2012

Summer has finally come to Seattle and with it a break from the rain. This provides a limited time opportunity for those of us in the roofing industry as we can take advantage of extended dry forecasts to complete our roofs in a timely manner. During the other three seasons, collectively referred to as the ‘rainy season’, we are often interrupted by damp weather that forces us to put any projects on hold while we wait for the forecast to clear. With this in mind, Summer is the perfect time to move forward with any roofing projects you have been putting off.

In the Seattle Summer months our skilled team is typically able to completely replace a roof on an average sized home within about three days, start to finish. We typically schedule new projects to begin within two weeks which means that if you called or completed an estimate request today, you could have a brand new roof in no time at all.

Summer also provides a great opportunity for smaller roofing projects such as leak repair and weather proofing. If you have noticed a water or mineral stain on your ceiling it’s very likely that your roof is leaking or damaged. To prevent further damage to your home when the Seattle rains return we recommend getting these leaks repaired while it’s still dry.
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